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What is Copy Trading System?

Copy Trading System

It allows signal providers to execute trading in multiple sub-accounts simultaneously within a master trading account. The funds of the sub-accounts can be personalized according to the investor's requirements, such as assigning different trading ratios or setting different risk levels.

Copy Trading Modes

Based on percentage volume: Signal provider’s trades will be copied based on a fixed percentage assigned to each sub-account.
Based on a preset fixed volume: Signal provider’s trades will be copied based on a fixed volume assigned to each sub-account.

Professional Management

The signal providers are usually experienced and professional traders who possess strong trading strategies and risk control abilities, helping investors achieve better investment returns.

Low Investment Threshold

Investors can invest with lower capital thresholds through Copy Trading System, without having to operate trades themselves, reducing operational risks and learning costs.

Risk Control

Copiers can allocate assets and control risks according to their risk tolerance and investment objectives.

Diversified Investment

Through Copy Trading System, investors can diversify their investments across multiple signal providers’ trading strategies, reducing the risks of following a signal provider only.

Exceptional Flexibility

Copy Trading System allows investors to customize the funding of their sub-accounts, such as assigning different trading ratios and setting different risk levels, to meet individual investment needs.

High Transparency

Copy Trading System has high transparency and good liquidity characteristics. Investors can view their accounts at any time, including trading records and performance, making it easier for them to adjust their investment portfolios to adapt to market changes.

Become a Signal Provider

AC Capital Market offers signal providers with automatic calculation and customizable trading conditions. Signal providers can set their own trading parameters, risk management strategies, and automatically execute trading orders and risk controls, thus better managing their investment portfolios. Signal providers can also flexibly manage their trading accounts based on their investment styles and trading strategies, attracting copiers to invest.

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