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About Account Opening

    How to open a live account? What documents do I need to provide?

    What is the minimum deposit standard for opening a live account?

    What is a demo account? How do I create a demo account with AC Capital Market?

    Can I always use the demo account?

    What should I do if I forget my password?

About Withdrawal and Deposit

    How long does it take AC Capital Market to process deposits and withdrawals?

    Does AC Capital Market accept third-party payment?

Security and Privacy

    Is my personal information secure?

    Is it secure to trade on AC Capital Market?

About Trading

    What products can be traded on AC Capital Market?

    What are the account currencies available on AC Capital Market?

    When do I need a margin call?

    What is the forced liquidation policy of AC Capital Market?

    What time zone does AC Capital Market adopt?

    Why is my order’s fill price different from the request price/pending order price?

    Why are my orders not fully filled?

    Why are my pending orders not triggered even though the corresponding price can be found on the chart?

    Why can't I see my execution price on the chart?

    Why are three-day overnight fees charged on Wednesdays for Forex and Fridays for Cash CFDs?

    Why are overnight fees sometimes particularly high for cash index CFDs?

    Why are rollover adjustment fees being deducted from my account?

    Why can't I increase the leverage on my account?

    Why would my position be stopped out even if it is fully hedged?

    Why are AC Capital Market' cash CFD products quoted differently from other platforms?

    Why does it show "Rejected" when I place my order?

    Why does it show "Only Position closing is allowed" or "Only long positions are allowed" or "Only short positions are allowed" when I place an order?

    Why do "off quote" appear when I place an order?

    Why does it show "Please wait...Order has been placed in queue" when I place an order?

    Why does "Market Closed" appear when I place an order?

    Why is "Not enough money" displayed when I place an order?

    Why is my pending order disappeared even though I didn't cancel it?

    Why are the spreads of Forex products so high at the market opening?

    Why can’t I log in to the MT5 terminal?

    Why is the execution price of my copied order different from the master account when I use the Copy Trading System?

    I suspect that there are trades that were not placed by myself, what should I do to check?

    Why didn't products’ prices start streaming immediately after market opening?

    How can I check the connection status between the client terminal and the server?

    Why do I see a different daily chart than other platforms?

    Why is my algorithmic trading not working?

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